Barrelman’s Awards for Enthusiasm.

he name of Barrelman has come from the idea from Les McNamara, OAM of placing
barrels outside the front entrances to hospitals so that people would put their small chanqe there. From that initiative many years ago, we have been able to make annual awards to Grade 6 students from up to ten local schools with book selections of their choice, up to a certain monetary value. These students have received their awards because they showed initiative, had an awareness of the community around them and they continually strive to achieve.

The students were: Alison Chapman, Marcus Radu, Kaitly Bailey, Tegan Amalfi, Natalie
Mills, Mikayla Bugeja, Natasha Kaiyum, Orlando Randles, Kitana Gallus and Brodie Atkins.

Once again, we particularly thank Jennie Leslie for her work involved in organising the
evening and to those Rotarians who each were responsible for an awardee. Thank you,
N talie for organizing the Raffle. Also, we thank again, former Club member and President,
Gary Wake for being our guest speaker. For some years now, he has been more than
willing to talk to the students on this special night.

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