FAQ About Rotary

How is Rotary structured

In order to carry out its service programs, Rotary is structured in club, district and international levels. The Rotary Club is the basic unit of Rotary activity, and each club determines its own membership.

The clubs are chartered by the global organisation Rotary International (RI) headquartered in Evanston, Illinois. For administrative purposes, the more than 32,000 clubs worldwide are grouped into 529 districts, and the districts into 34 zones

How many clubs are there in Australia/worldwide?

There are more than 1100 clubs in Australia with over 30,000 members. Worldwide, there are more than 32,200 clubs with over 1.2million members

How do I become a member of Rotary?

Simply tell us you are interested by using the “Contact” below

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What are the qualifications for membership?
Membership is open to any male or female adult who has an interest and desire to be an active participant in Rotary’s community service activities.

What are my commitments if I join

Essentially, you are committing to being a useful member of the club to the extent of your abilities and the time you can spare.

Perhaps the most important contribution you can make is to bring passion to a project. Many of our best projects come about because a member is passionate about it and is prepared to put in the drive and effort to get it off the ground.

There is no problem if you are unable to make it each week but you might find yourself wanting to come each week to keep in touch with your new found friends.

Can I terminate my membership if I find it’s not for me?

Yes, there are no contractual obligations.

What is the dress code?

Anything from smart casual to business suit. You choose, it’s pretty flexible.

Is the club social and people friendly?

It certainly is. Meetings are cheerful, casual and very conducive to forming friendships. We still have members who have been enjoying Rotary since the club started nearly 40 years ago and many members have forged great friendships that extend way beyond their Rotary connections.

What about the gender issue?

In days gone by, Rotary was a men only organization. Thankfully, this changed 20 years ago and clubs now actively seek a good mix of male and female members.

What is the typical age of a Rotary member?

There is no longer a “typical” age. We have members ranging from their 50’s to 80’s and we are tending to attract more members these days in the lower part of that range.