Rotary Junior Community Awards Program

Last August Rotarian Lorna spoke to a club about the rotary junior community warts which have been operating 20 years and designed by her late husband Rotarian and principal David Hawkey.

A few facts:

The awards helped children to practice due skills gained confidence Bridge, the generation gap when the joys and challenges of volunteerism, develop healthy attitudes towards physical fitness and discovered that people are different and that’s okay.

No special physical ability levels required.
Designed to grade 6 students.
Supplementary to school programs.
Links young people with community members.
Annually over 1000 diaries are sent out to Australia with more going overseas.
Conducted mostly outside school hours.
Partners Rotary with local primary schools.

Our club decide to get involved with this worthwhile program with Ellie volunteering to be our clubs liaison.

This year our club decided to try to have a local primary school participate in the Rotary Junior Community Awards program several schools were contacted an interest in the program was quite high. As a meeting with two schools and contact with a further three scores the 2018 rotary junior community awards program has five students participating from the St John’s primary school. They are set up their goals each section and started writing their journals. The coordinator at school, Marisa is enthusiastic and encouraging. The students will be attending one of the Rotary meetings in July this year.